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Improve the world, a declaration of intent (NGO)

Dec 25, 2022 | 0 comments

Improve The World is a Declaration of intent, a first step to improve the world.

My personal sand grain to combat poverty and equal meritocracy between countries based in study and knowledge.

Let’s do this step together, let me know if you wanna follow this way with me.

Improve the world, First step

First contact with third world reality was in Mexico in a travel to scuba dive in cenotes where our hotel was in Playa del Carmen city, outside big resorts in 2008.

After diving session, we were in the city for rest and take a beer where i could see the contrast between rich touristic places and the rest of the really poor city.

Last day, we rented a car to visit temples and went driving along other poor cities where i was really impressed.

OMG It’s not Europe.

Improve the world, Second Round

On 2016 i decide visit the Phillipines to see thresher shark in malapascua island, but in this case, my company was a filipino guy that met on Facebook.

This travel was really amazing because we were with his family some days in Balangiga city, the place where Hiyan typhon devasted all houses and lands.

This really changed my perception of the world,

a new dimension where normal life is poor and fight everyday to eat, and the rare is accomodate living in Europe.

Improve the world, Development

After that, i was also in Peru with the same feelings and so happy to watch it far away from luxury hotels and touristic cities.

I keep in touch with some asian and american people, working here in my own IT company and studying hard about photography and videography.

On 2019 we launched a photo and video studio to create corporate and commercial content for companies in our city.

Time has come

Last months i was thinking about how to use my skills to improve the world.

I know it’s a small snad grain in a big beach, but i’ll do my best as always than i wanna do something.

This is how i improve my skills and reach my goals.

Scouting about how to create digital content in poor countries i found an NGO in my city with zero internal costs.

That means all structure is made by people retired or workers helping in free time, so no expenses.

All money is for projects in Uganda.

I decided to offer me as photographer and videographer for them and go to Uganda paying all my expenses in travel by my own as volunteer.

So, in this moment i got my vaccines to go there and planning the trip.

Can’t wait to be there and record everything to show worldwide for more donations.

Rafiki Afrika NGO

Rafiki Afrika is an NGO based in Alicante city Spain developing some projects in Uganda.

First primary schools is done and also teaching population how to care chicken with vaccines in a farm or planting avocado trees.

Near to be ready is a small hospital with 20 beds and starting now a secondary school building.

I think it’s the first NGO i meet with zero internal cost that means all money is for grow projects.

They have the sign of ‘loyalty foundation‘ so their accounts are audited by external company yearly.

Volunteer Diary

Do you want that i write a diary as volunteer? Do you prefer on text or video? Blog or Vlog?

Let me know and i will do whatever to transmit trust, explain how to interact with NGO or whatever on you have any doubt.

It’s new for me also as volunteer but we can do it together


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