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Ibrahim Kisoko Orphanage in Uganda NGO

Jan 26, 2023 | 0 comments

I knew about Ibrahim Orphanage few weeks ago because Instagram suggested me their post.

Ibrahim Kisoko Orphanage

Investigating more about Ibrahim, i discovered that he support orphanage with 43 kids now only with his salary.

Ibrahim works as seller in a mobile phone company in Uganda and spends 70% of his salary to buy foods and some clothes for the kids.

I decided to send some money after read a post asking for support because salary is not enough.

That’s why we started talking about orphanage, kids and projects.

Gofundme Campaign

We were talking about paltforms to get some funds to buy foods for kids and he told me that is difficult to create a profile from there, because all companies are in Europe or USA, and is don’t send money to Uganda.

Reading about that, of course, this kind of platforms requires a NGO with bank account in Europe or USA to send the money, and NGOs sends the money to destinations.

Asking to lawyers here, i’m creating a official NGO in Spain to transfer funds to Ibrahim in Uganda.

Beds and School Supplies

I’m helping them to buy foods but the kids are sleeping in the floor, so it’s time to involve more people…

I created a campaign in GoFundMe to buy 20 beds and sheets so at least they can sleep 2-3 kids on each bed, it cost about 600$ but also need some school materials like pens, paper, books and bags… That’s why campaign is for 1000$. Destination is me by now because i’m creating legal NGO in Spain and requirements delays some months.

This is the time to ask for some help, even a little, bit for this kids…

Maseto Technologies supports GoFundMe campaign

Thank you so much to Maseto Technologies for support this campaign to make a better life to these children.

Funds send to NGO

We did the first fund send to NGO as volunteers to Ibrahim Kisoko orphanage in Uganda.

After one week launched the campaign “Beds and School” for kids in Uganda, we could get 365$ that we send to Uganda.

But the campaign is still active until reach the objective to buy beds to sleep for all kids.

To show total transparency, we’ll show all money transfers from GoFundMe campaign because we don’t get any money as volunteers.

Thank you so much again to all donators from this kids.

Reached 50% on GoFundMe

We reach 50% of the objective of the campaign on GoFundMe

We could buy half of beds and most of school materials for Ibrahim Orphanage in Uganda.

Thank you so much to everybody who donate and we remind you that the campaign is still active to reach buy beds for all of those kids.

Second Money Transfer to Uganda

One wek passed and we do the second money transfer to Uganda for Ibrahim Kisoko Orphanage.

We’re near to reach beds for all children, a we will open the campaign to other goals to support basic needs for these kids.

This week we could send 345€, and watch this happyness faces motivate us to continue with this project ‘Improve The world, a Declaration of intent

Next steps on Ibrahim orphanage in Uganda

One more week, we could make the third funds sent to Ibrahim Kisoko orphanage in Uganda.

With this money transfer we reached our first goal of buy 20 matresses and schoolastic materials.

We’re so happy with the answer to this campaign and as fast as we reached, thank you all for this.

But i leave you here videos where i explain you next steps also the third money transfer. Activate english subtitles.

Another Achievement in orphanage

Because of you we could build tables so the kids don’t eat in the floor anymore. It’s a big goal on health for them and never been possible without your help.

We continue doing small steps for abandoned children because they deserve a better life and studies. Help us on our way.

One day in an Orphanage in Uganda

Now you can watch how’s living in an Ugandan Orphanage, recorded since 6am to 9pm… Yoe can see how crew works with children 24/7.

Make your own international volunteering

And if you want to volunteer, I tell you how to do it yourself as I have done with this orphanage in Uganda.

Top Class Awarded

4 of the children from the Ibrahim Kisoko orphanage have been awarded as the best in their class, and this is thanks to all of you who have helped us to make this possible.

We launched DESAU, our own non-profit association.

Although it was an open secret, until we had at least secured the name, we could not announce our own NGO.

With DESAU we will be able to reach more orphanages and help more children on their way to a balanced diet and an education that will allow them to become self-sufficient.


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