About me

Professional photographer based in Alicante (Spain) started with photography at age of 15 in analog, but stopped when change to Digital was imperative. After some years out of scene, came back in 2016 learning about several techniques in photography, composition, lighting and retouching because learning is the best way for growing.

After some years and thousands of photographies, i learned to spend money on study and travel instead of new gear. You need a new camera or lens when you can’t take your pict with actual gear.

In 2019 funded Diseño y Foto company to offer photo and video services to companies specially in product, events and commercial content, building one of the bigger studios in the province.

Actually working with Panasonix Lumix S5IIx, Lumix S PRO or Prime lenses and Godox lighting to offer best quality to clients.

Also being CEO in Softnet Sistemas company since 2016 which implements full IT services to companies like servers, networking, security, ERP, CRM and POS software.

Working right now in the creation of DESAU, an NGO to combat hunger and lack of education in the most disadvantaged areas of the world such as Uganda and the Philippines.

And always in continuous learning, right now studying about Artificial Intelligence programming and ERP, CRM and POS customization with Ahora ERP.

Forever learning…


10 + 6 =


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